We Build Prestige Marble & Granite

Quality is key to our success, never do we
compromise the quality of products for
a cheaper price...


Besides having that wow factor and increasing the value of your home and or business granite is one of the most elegant materials you can use. Granite is a 100% natural product that is sourced from all over the world. Every piece is unique which is why we allow our customers to choose the exact pieces they would like us to use for their project. There is a wide range of colour options and sizes that can be chosen. EMR Marble and Granite will only source the best quality Granites to use for our customers.


Marble is a 100% natural product that has been used for centuries in art and in construction. A lot of Marble colours consist of a solid base colour with some having vein streaks running through (these are usually caused by minerals running through the stone in the ground). You can have the option of having your marble tops being polished or honed depending on your taste/design. Once again EMR Marble and Granite will only source the best quality Marbles for our customers projects.

Re-Constituted Stone

Re-constituted stone is a man made product consisting of up to 95% natural quartz. It is non-porous. Also because it is re-constituted, it comes in a wide variety of colours to suit your taste. Specific colors also comes in 12mm for areas like splash backs and wall cladding etc.